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Speedy, Agile Production

Real-time AI-powered production planning for factories and brands

Automatically plan your production based on your staff roster and delivery dates — React in real-time to changes. 

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Why Choose Us

Zero downtime, faster team-work without manual supervision and hours on excel.  

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Easy style setup

Go from tech pack to production flow setup in minutes.

Transform tech packs into production flows by dragging and dropping them. Edit the order and individual steps of the AI-proposed sequence and store it for future production runs. Add instructions to each step for machinists.

Easy task assignment

Our intelligent system automatically assign tasks based on your team’s skills and experience.

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Skill-based task allocation

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Learns about your staff

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AI Production Planning

Plan your production by just entering order quantities and delivery dates.

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Input order details​

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Automated scheduling​

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Task progress alerts

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Deadline notifications​

Key Features

Personalized to Your Factory

We create a digital replica of your factory, including its machines and, most importantly, your staff, their skills, and working schedule. This means Manny knows your factory well enough to create the best plan for it.

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