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Clean,Local Manufacturing

Pattern Project is a South London micro-factory. We make clean, urban, local manufacturing of clothing possible and cost-effective. We produce clothing after it is sold in a matter of days.  

We sell Sew-It-Yourself Kits and Ready-To-Wear clothes. 

The kits contain precut and annotated fabric are easy to make and take less time than regular sewing. 


Researcher, Maker Shruti Grover and Data Scientist Simon Johnson have been collaborating since 2012. 


While based at Makerversity - London’s home of emergent maker businesses - Shruti’s roots in digital manufacturing came calling. Inspired by their local community and recent love of sewing - was born the idea of a clothing micro-factory. A factory-at-human-scale to produce clothing kits which taking the prep out of sewing.  


We are a creative partnership 

of two 

Clothing not Fashion

Sustainable Fabrics

Human-centered Technology

Always Made Local 

Shruti Grover

Simon Johnson

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