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Eliminate overproduction

Eliminate excess stock without creating stock-out situations and adding friction to the customer buying process.

Increase full-price sell-through

Sell more of what is being demanded by customers by determining optimal reorder points based on local and global data-informed insights.

Increase Net Profit

Increase top line revenue for every store which transitions to customer-driven demand production.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

By eliminating unsold stock, minimising warehousing and avoiding transport of inventory for storage. (edited) 

Switch to AI-Driven, On-demand Manufacturing.

AI-powered production & digital twin for real-time textile manufacturing to decarbonise, optimise, and maximize profits for brands and manufacturers.

Switch To AI-driven 
On-demand Garment Manufacturing 

Reduce your
rate of returns by up to 30%

Increase your
full-price sell through
by up to 30%

Increase your
Market Size by up to 25%

Custom Fit Garments in 5 days from order

Discover how S. Hawkins overcame their delivery challenges and improved customer satisfaction by reducing their lead time on custom-fit garments by over 10x, from 4 months to just 1 week, with the help of Pattern Project's technology solution.

Streamlining the Supply Chain for a Fast moving Brand

Good Squish, a brand with frequent style releases, struggled with high manufacturing MOQs until they partnered with Pattern Project's on-demand production solution. By producing 250 scrunchies per week with a 5-day lead time, and ordering 10 new designs each week, they reduced inventory costs and improved their supply chain to respond faster to market demands.

Extended Sizing for a
Sustainable Leader

PHOEBE ENGLISH collaborated with Pattern Project to implement an on-demand production solution, enabling them to produce extended sizes with a 5-day lead time and reduce inventory costs. By streamlining their supply chain, they were able to respond quickly to market demands while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and attention to detail.

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