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Smart 4.0 Garment Manufacturing:

AI assistant powered by digital twin for factories — Enabling responsive, agile manufacturing for brands.

Dynamic Production Planning

Our AI Assistant Instantly Adapts to Disruptions, Ensuring Efficient Throughput and Maximum Utilisation of Resources and No Late Deliveries

Instant Alerts & Intelligent Storage

Track Inventory and Bundles via Our Digital Twin for Up-to-the-Minute Production Progress Notifications and Efficient Production

Streamlined Pre-Production

Our AI Assistant and Unified Garment Construction Standard Reduces Time from Tech Pack to Production by over 50%

Ready in a Day

Integrate Our Lightweight Technology Seamlessly Within 24 Hours.

We build a digital version of your factory, so that AI can manage it in a smart and efficient way.


Increase Full Price sell-through

Manufacture on demand to Always Have Bestsellers in Stock

No Overproduction

Produce only what you sell avoiding over production and reducing your carbon emissions

No forecasting

Test Styles to Assess True Demand, then Reorder Responsibly with Just One Click

Complete Visibility

Track Every Item Through Production for Unmatched Transparency and Provenance

We Enable Small Batch, On-Demand Production for Higher Profits and Lower Carbon Emissions


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