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P1.1 Inset Sleeve Top Kit

UK Size

This boxy fit top is a perfect first garment to start or add to your slow-fashion wardrobe. Together with designer Miranda Stanford, we were inspired to create a wearable garment full of essential sewing techniques to develop and improve your skills. With fabric by Bysshe Fabrics woven in Yorkshire, available in Natural canvas and Blake blue. 


The P1.1 Kit contains 4 x organic cotton-linen blend fabric panels, 1 x recycled thread. Each kit comes with instructions on how to sew and assemble.


  • Make a Double turned-hem

  • Sew-in a facing

  • Fold a box pleat


Limited Edition - 150

  • This garment is crafted with longevity in mind. The fabric is composed of organic cotton & linen and produced by Bysshe Partnership. Like many fabrics, this one needs less washing than you might expect. Hang up your garment to ventilate between wear.


    Gentle Machine Cycle 30°C

    Use a mild detergent, and wash on a gentle machine cycle with a low temperature. We suggest 30°C on a low spin cycle. High temperatures can weaken the fibres and affect dyes. If handwashing, rinse with lukewarm water.


    Air Dry on Hangers, Avoid Dryers

    Hang your top to air dry. Tumble drying can shrink or damage the fi bres. It also uses lots of energy. The width of the hanger should not be more than the width of the shoulders.


    Rewash If Not Stain Free

    Before ironing, it is important to check that there are no more stains. If there are, wash the top again.


    Iron with Water

    This fabric can crease easily. Hang in the bathroom while taking a hot shower and use the steam to reduce creases.


    Iron in the Correct Order 

    The correct ironing order is the collar, sleeve cuffs and then the rest of the top.