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30% (40Bn items)

of all clothes produced every year are never sold. 

The Crisis of Overproduction

The fashion industry is trapped in a cycle of excess, with an estimated 30% of produced garments—totaling 40 billion items annually—never reaching consumers. This overproduction generates roughly 490 million tonnes of CO2e annually, spotlighting a profound environmental crisis.

Challenges of Test/Repeat Production


High costs slow turnaround times and have traditionally made small batch testing and repeating or reordering impractical for significant brands. These challenges have maintained the status quo of waste and inefficiency.

Speed with Sustainability

At Pattern Project, we are innovating for fast production with no excess. 

Our technology makes small-batch production financially viable. By integrating advanced AI technologies and strategic insights, we ensure that production speeds meet market demands without compromising on environmental responsibilities or ethical wages. 


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